ONLINE TRAINING This online service allows you to receive guided monthly workouts without having to be present at our facility. Conveniently follow custom designed workouts that are balanced and updated monthly while tracking your progress on the Trainerize App!

Single Month Online Training | $75

2 Month Online Training Membership | $135

3 Month Online Training Membership | $195

TRAINING MEMBERSHIPSOur training memberships include semi-private (small group) training, athletic training and group conditioning classes.
Semi-Private Training | Custom monthly training programs plus unlimited group classes. Choose 2 or 3 weekly coached sessions of up to 4 clients per hour.

3 Month Semi-Private Training, 2x Weekly | $249/month

3 Month Semi-Private Training, 3x Weekly | $299/month

Single Month Semi-Private Training, 2x Weekly | $279

Athletic Training | Two weekly sport specific training sessions for ages 12+ emphasizing strength, explosive power, speed and agility. Up to 8 athletes per session.

3 Month Athletic Training, 2x weekly | $149/month

Single Month Athletic Training, 2x Weekly | $179

GROUP CLASSES | If you already have a good fitness basis and enjoy a group setting, check out some of our group options below!

Group Conditioning | Unlimited monthly access to our bootcamps, and interval style classes. They may incorporate any combination of weight training, metabolic/cardio fitness, core exercises, mobility, flexibility, and balance.

SUMMER CLOSEOUT! | Unlimited Classes until Labor Day | $150

"Fit-Yoga" with Brianne Calabria is a cardio infused yoga class that incorporates yoga flow with metabolic and resistance training. This class is suitable for all ages levels! 

"Fit-Yoga" 4 Class Pass  | $49

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SPECIAL PROGRAMS | From time to time we offer enrollments for special programs and events. Choose from one of our upcoming programs below.

Next Session starts July 2nd!

Youth Sports Specific Training | This is a 6 week athletic program for kids ages 9-11 which focuses on developing the athletic skills necessary to compete. These include balance, reaction, speed, agility, light resistance and bodyweight training. 

Youth Sport Specific Training | $125

Next Challenge - AUGUST 14th!!

"Lean & Mean in '17 Fat Loss Challenge" | This is a 6 six week competition complete with nutritional guidelines, fat loss programming and cardio workouts. Cash and prizes are awarded to the top three individuals with the greatest body composition change. 

Lean & Mean Fat Loss Challenge | $199

Starts September 1st!

Powerlifting | This is an 8 week training program leading up to a local meet the first week in July. This schedule consists of 3 days weekly emphasizing the squat, deadlift and bench press. Power meets are fun, and anyone with a solid foundation of weight training can do it. In this program you'll learn the safest, most efficient ways to perform these main lifts while improving your strength capacity. 

Powerlifting Program | $597 (3 payments $199)

*Service Discount | 10% Off Any Package for Military or Law Enforcement Employees.