The “All In” Story

"All In," it was the encouraging message that minister Gian-Paul Gonzalez delivered to the New York Giants as he handed each of them a poker chip the Friday night before the Jets game in the 2012 NFL season after losing 5 out of their last 6 games. Gonzalez told each of the players to initial their chip on one side, and write their number on the other. He then had the players push their chips to the center of the table as a symbol of unity and an  "all in" commitment towards their ultimate goal, to win a Superbowl Championship. The next day the Giants beat the Jets 29-14, and the Cowboys the following week in a Division playoff game with 80,000 fans waving towels with the words "All In" printed on them. They then went on a playoff run defeating the Falcons, Packers, 49ers and ultimately the New England Patriots crowning them Superbowl XLVI Champions. At All In Fitness, we encourage each of our clients to commit themselves to their fitness goals by going "all in" just as the Giants did that season, for we know that this is the only true way to guarantee you will succeed!